University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

The University of Plymouth is renowned for high quality, internationally-leading education, research and innovation. Representing 3000 staff, researchers and students, Plymouth University’s Marine Institute is the first and largest such institute in the UK.

It provides the external portal to an extensive pool of world-leading experts and state-of-the-art facilities, enabling us to understand the relationship between the way we live, the seas that surround us and the development of sustainable policy solutions. The University of Plymouth is integrating multidisciplinary expertise in marine and maritime research, education and innovation to train new scientists, engineers, policy-makers, artists, technicians and business managers of the future. Research undertaken by the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre (MBERC) embraces real-world challenges to advance and translate knowledge and to drive innovation and enterprise. The MBERC engages in a wide range of research across a number of themes, from marine pollution to animal behaviour. The centre is home to a host of facilities, including: equipment for processing field samples and identifying organisms, molecular and physiological laboratories, controlled temperature chambers and wet labs for experiments on a variety of scales; boat provision and diving expertise allowing for sub-tidal investigation; remotely Operated Vehicle for carrying out surveys of the seabed. MBERC has 33 staff, 8 postdocs, 7 research assistants and ca 45 PhD students prioritising marine science collaborations and interdisciplinary excellence. We have world class diving, analytical and research vessel facilities. With a truly global outlook, we are an inclusive and inspiring university community.


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