Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre, Cyprus

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre is a Cyprus-based non-profit organization established in 2009. Its members are experts in biological and environmental research and management, covering a wide range of fields such as conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, marine and freshwater biology, fisheries, ecology and environmental education.

Enalia has been involved in projects regarding marine ecology, conservation, marine protected areas management and public awareness, the most recent being PROTOMEDEA (MARE/2014/41 [SI2.721917]), MarlitCy (Cypriot Civil Society in Action, Europaid/134660/C/ACT/CY)., “Understanding Multi-Taxa ‘Bycatch’ of vulnerable species and testing mitigation measures in Cyprus”, (Funded by MAVA foundation. 2017-2020) and “Enhancing participation from stakeholders in the ‘Kakoskali Marine Protected Area”, (Funded by MedPAN. 2018-2019). Enalia has also been conducting research on the lionfish invasion in the Levantine basin since 2012..