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MER Lab's RATs Workshops

On the 24th and 25th  of May, Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab, scientific coordinator in the RELIONMED-LIFE project organized two training events in Limassol and Protaras, respectively, in order to train the selected members who will be participating in the upcoming coordinated lionfish removals and to set the rules and guidelines for participating in the upcoming lionfish removal derbies. All the participants had the opportunity to test the lionfish removal gear and share their opinions and concerns. Most of the participants were highly aware of the lionfish problem and they were keen to help the RELIONMED’s researchers to tackle the lionfish invasion. In addition, the participants attended short presentations on safe handling and first aid response in case of a lionfish envenomation and on data collection.

Enalia Physis completed the first training seminar of the Removal Action Teams (RATs).

As part of RELIONMED project, Enalia Physis invited interested divers who wanted to join the RAT's teams to attend a seminar on the safe removal of lionfish. This took place at the University of Cyprus Library and we showed the participants how to use the specialised equipment and we also informed them about the dangers we may face in the forthcoming expeditions of lionfish removal.