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Coordinator: University of Cyprus

With more than 7.000 students, 104 laboratories and 750 faculty and staff members, the University of Cyprus (UCY) is a young and rapidly expanding university (established in 1989). There are 23 departments and 13 research units and centres, covering a broad spectrum within the life, social, natural and engineering sciences.

Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, Cyprus

The Department of Fisheries was founded in 1964 within the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources; its mandate was the development of fisheries and the rational management of marine resources in general.

University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

The University of Plymouth is renowned for high quality, internationally-leading education, research and innovation. Representing 3000 staff, researchers and students, Plymouth University’s Marine Institute is the first and largest such institute in the UK.

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre, Cyprus

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre is a Cyprus-based non-profit organization established in 2009. Its members are experts in biological and environmental research and management, covering a wide range of fields such as conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, marine and freshwater biology, fisheries, ecology and environmental education.

Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd, Cyprus

Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd is an environmental consulting and research performing SME, formed in 2008 and operating in Cyprus. MER’s team is composed of young biologists, marine biologists, oceanographers and environmental biologists who specialise in the provision of services that relate to the marine ecology, fisheries and aquaculture and have been engaging and working closely with local stakeholders of these sectors.